Writer’s Notebook


I have been thinking about writing and the Australian Curriculum. The challenge for teachers is to help students enjoy writing and develop their writing stamina. I saw writer’s notebooks used very effectively in New York schools and now I am seeing students here in NSW schools regaining their enthusiasm for expressing themselves through the use of a writer’s notebook. First students personalise their book by creating a cover. Next the teacher models how to collect ideas, words or phrases that resonate with the student and use the writer’s notebook to store these ideas. Students may add artefacts such as programs, tickets, paper, leaves, photos which might inspire their writing. I have decided to use my writer’s notebook each day and this process is very interesting. I aim to write at least one sentence a day and often that sentence quickly becomes a page. It might be a story, a list or a poem. I enjoy this process of putting thoughts down on paper and we can encourage our students to enjoy the process too.

I think writer’s notebook has great potential to inspire writers and may prove to be useful a centre activity as it encourages independent writing.