Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 7.46.40 pmDuring the course of a school day students often move around the school: going  out to recess and lunch, to the library etc. It is during these transitions that students are more likely to play around and get into trouble. All teachers but especially beginning teachers, need to plan ahead and think about how many times the class will transition during the day within the room, entering and leaving the room and moving around the school.

Time spent teaching students transition routines and practising how to move in an orderly way is time well spent. Teachers need to discuss expectations and the routines for transitions with students.  The routines you establish need to be consistently encouraged with praise and gentle reminders. Reinforcing  transitions is valuable and will ensure your day runs smoothly. This topic was discussed by TRIO at a recent conference for relief teachers and some transition ideas can be found on the resource page. Click here to take a look.