Thoughts to start 2016


A TRIO of old chooks was the photo on my birthday card from one of the TRIO team this January. We had a good laugh but I have reflected on the chooks and I feel proud to be part of a TRIO of old chooks. What is there to be proud of you may ask?

First the idea of a TRIO or a thinking partner or a community of learners. sharing ideas and especially our classroom successes and failures keeps the conversation real and keeps our grounded in the practical not just theoretical. The expectations for a teacher working in a classroom are very high and we all need a group or a partner to debrief with and share our current thinking.

Secondly, ‘old’ could be an insult but I substitute ‘experienced’ and feel proud to have been passionate about my choice of career for many years. this doesn’t give me the right to say, ‘We have always done that this way!’ or ‘I’m too old to write a program’ but I can bring a well rounded point of view to stage discussions, I can support new teachers in my school and offer them a range of ideas to address student outcomes.

Lastly:  ‘chooks.’ I’ve watched hens in action and they are intent on the tasks of finding food and laying eggs. They  know their purpose and invest energy in achieving it. What is our purpose as teachers? We have a mandatory syllabus and are engaged in the task of improving student outcomes. Two things are crucial to our effectiveness, understanding the syllabus and programming to outcomes from the syllabus. How well do you know the syllabus and how are you going to  teach with passion and purpose this year?