The Simple Things

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 9.50.32 AM I think that Stephen Covey has it right when he says, “begin with the end in mind.” Knowing where you want students to be by the end of the year helps in planning how to get there and gives our teaching a clear focus. I use a tracking sheet with the reading goals for the grade highlighted. I know there are computer programs which will do this for me but children progess daily and I keep my piece of paper close by so I can record and celebrate their growth as it happens. This helps me change my teaching focus quickly in response to where students are and ensures I have flexible groups for guided reading. The next simple sheet I use in conjunction with the tracking sheet is a term evaluation. I can use this sheet for reading or writing. If my reading goal is to have my Kinder students reading level 8 by the end of the year then I want everyone off level 2 by the end of term 1, at level 4 by the end of term 2 and level 6 by term three. I can make a note of the students reaching these benchmarks and structure my teaching to address their specific learning needs. The last sheet in my simple things bundle is an overview for the year of each key learning area and assessment tasks. This helps me with my planning. I like anything that helps me work smarter not longer! If this sounds like it could help then check out the simple proformas on the resource page.