Take 5 Podcasts

What is a TRIO Take 5 podcast?

We know that lots of teachers enjoy listening to an educational podcast. So we have produced a series of podcasts for easy listening and reflection by teachers. Each podcast is about 40 minutes in duration. We have titled the first series: Take 5. The podcasts are a conversation between two TRIO members addressing a topic of interest to primary teachers. Current titles include: Teach Poetry, Behaviour Management, Critical and Creative Thinking, Guided Reading, Improving Spelling and many more.

They are called Take 5 because there are 5 take away ideas for teachers to consider for their teaching and classroom practice. Each podcast comes with a summary sheet that can be easily downloaded. This summary sheet and the listener’s own notes can be used to contribute towards teacher identified hours of PD for teachers in NSW who are maintaining teacher accreditation at proficient level. Each podcast addresses the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers Standard 6.2.2: Participate in learning to update knowledge and practice, targeted to professional needs and school and or system priorities.

Listen to a Take 5 podcast here and let us know what you think!