Starting School

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 1.04.33 PMAs we work with teachers we are often asked about the start of Kindergarten. Teaching Kindergarten at the start of the year can be challenging. Students come expecting to learn to read. They are excited but also unsure in a new environment. We have put together our thoughts for starting the Kindergarten year well and produced a unit of about two weeks in length which addresses first reading and writing steps, starting with student’s reading and writing their names, sharing stories and learning school routines. This unit contains assessment tasks, writing worksheets and a template for individual alphabet books. Trio hopes it helps teachers as they begin teaching their Kindergarten class. The texts we have chosen can be exchanged for books you may have in your collection but we have included some old favourites as well as some recently published books. If you are interested in this unit click starting school.