TRIO Educational consultants are available to discuss your professional learning needs. 

These may include:​

  • School Development Days
  • Stage and grade meetings
  • Executive team support and training
  • Mentoring individuals or groups of teachers
  • Literacy Snapshots
  • Ongoing professional development embedded in regular sessions throughout the school year.
  • Analysis of school data and development of school plans
  • Ongoing professional development embedded in regular sessions throughout the school year.
  • Staff meetings including:
    1. English K-6
    2. Mathematics K-6
    3. Assessment
    4. Differentiated programming
    5. Planning using NSW syllabus documents
    6. Early childhood-transition to school, developmental play
    7. Critical and creative thinking

All professional learning is tailored to meet individual school needs and costs are negotiated with bookings.

CPL Courses

TRIO presenters also conduct professional learning for the NSW Teachers Federation Centre for Professional Learning. Teachers can access all the information about CPL courses, the current program and online application forms through the CPL website.


My name is Rachel I recently attended two days of professional development with you both in Wagga and wanted to share with you my experiences upon returning to my classroom. I attended both the Maths and Writing workshops, coming away from both with a renewed focus and sense of purpose for why I do what I do. The following day I introduced my 2/3 class to the writing activity you suggested - writing the best sentence about a favourite place, cutting it up, rearranging it into a poem, and finding an image to go with it. I can't begin to find the words to share with you the level of enthusiasm and engagement from ALL my students in doing this activity. My best feedback was from one of my Year 3 boys who often has a low engagement with writing - 'That was one of the best writing activities I've ever done. Can we do more?' I have introduced writing journals to my class and we have been experimenting with that. I would love to do more of the kind of writing where there is some explicit instruction and then the students get to experiment and play with the concepts using their own ideas. I then did our maths lessons using open-ended questions, and it was another HUGE success! I was able to see how the kids applied their knowledge and was pleasantly surprised to find that some of my more capable kids struggled with applying their knowledge in this way. I knew if I gave them a worksheet they'd whiz through it, but this helped me see how they understood and applied the learning, showing me misunderstandings and gaps that a worksheet wouldn't have. Thanks again for those two days. They were the best professional development I have done for myself in a long time and I am really excited to keep building on what I learned with you to be a better teacher for my kids.

Rachael -

2/3 classroom teacher