Rich Tasks in English

Thinking outside the box!


I have enjoyed working with teachers at a western Sydney school during this year. On my last round of visits our discussion lead us reflect on assessment and in particular designing rich tasks. There is a lot written about rich maths tasks but less has been written about rich tasks in English. We read the support material on assessment at the back of the NSW K-6 English syllabus and the information on effective assessment provided by the Board of Studies. Next we explored the work samples from the Australian Curriculum. Finally we brought together our collective thoughts on the Quality Teaching paper. From all this discussion we decided on some key principles which we used as criteria as we designed our rich tasks:

  • connects to what has been taught
  • outcomes based
  • accessible to all students
  • allows for real life connections
  • open-ended
  • students have clear criteria for successful completion of the task
  • the task requires deep understanding of the content
  • each task has a reflection on learning component

Do you agree with our list? What would you have added?