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  • Domino Snake


    Explore addition and subtraction using dominoes. A selection of activities and a template suitable for children in K-2..

  • Effective maths lesson plan


    This A4 downloadable template comes with one page, which unpacks each component of an effective maths lesson and a second blank table to use as you plan your maths lesson. Appropriate for all grades.

  • Effective questions


    Asking questions that lead students to further learning requires thought by teachers. Here is a chart to raise awareness about what makes a effective question.

  • Elkonin boxes


    The pages in this resource can be used to establish this practice of segmenting words into sounds. Many teachers will be familiar with Elkonin boxes. These cards are used to establish the practice and then students can use this principle in their writing with boxes or even lines for each sound.

  • Emu


    Emu is a hybrid text which includes both narrative and informative text. As such it provides teachers with a great way to discuss with students how the text has different text structures and language features when an author’s purpose changes. These teaching notes have been written with year three and four students in mind.

  • English block: daily outline


    The NSW English K-6 Syllabus has responding and composing as its key processes.  It helps to rethink our traditional reading and writing times as responding and composing in order to address the range of mandated texts – spoken, print, visual and digital.

  • Excursion template


    Easy template for writing and discussing an excursion with years 1 and 2.

  • Exploring different forms of poetry

  • Fact or fiction sort


    This resource contains a blank template to make a fact or fiction sort. It is suitable for use with any students. There is also a written sort for use with the book, The truth about penguins.

  • Flip book


    Use the book, I went walking and create this flip book with students in Kindergarten.

  • Girl on wire


    These book notes for the book, Girl on wire, by Lucy Estella and Elise Hurst unpack teaching ideas for reading and responding to the text as well as composing. They have been designed for students in years 3 and 4.

  • Good mathematicians chart


    This chart can be used to explicitly teach the principles that good mathematicians use. Teachers can display this chart and teach each point explicitly. Students can self assess their problem solving against this chart.

  • Grammar

  • Guided reading

  • Guided reading planning


    This resource enables teachers to plan for guided reading and is designed for teachers K-2. The guided reading planning sheets are written for levelled text up to level 26. There is an additional  blank sheet. Each sheet includes a number of  suggested teaching foci  related to the text level.  The template can be used to teach three guided reading sessions. At the bottom of the page there is an area for planning  before, during and after reading. In addition there is space to record student names and their achievement of the strategies taught.

  • Hello lighthouse


    These book notes answer the question, ‘What will I teach?’ in English as I use the book, Hello Lighthouse which is written and illustrated by Sophie Blackall. The lessons have been written with students in years one and two in mind.