Incense in temples


Rituals are often culturally based rather than being purely religious. In Vietnam, the religious practice of farewelling the dead and the cultural practice of using incense to purify the air of ‘evil spirits’ is combined in the ritual of burning bell incense with a votive on it. Incense is used constantly in Vietnamese Temples and awakes all the senses. This unit is part of Trio’s Cultural Perspectives lesson series. It consists of three lessons which are suitable for lower and upper primary grades and are particularly supportive for EAL students. All resources (lesson plans, online links, four photographs and worksheets) are included.


These lessons can be used with EALD students The lessons can be taught in isolation or provide a cultural perspective when completing units on Vietnam, temples, religions e.g. ‘Triple Religion’, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Mahayana Buddhism and rituals.




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