Buying petrol


Cambodia, officially called the Kingdom of Cambodia, is situated in South East Asia and has a population of around 15 million people. The majority of these people live in the countryside. ‘Filling up’ in the countryside is far different from buying petrol at the service station. Motos pull to the side of the dusty, pot -holed roads to the roadside stall selling petrol. Here they purchase a recycled bottle filled with fuel. The average purchase is one litre. Fill, pay and leave in under 5 minutes!  This unit is part of Trio’s Cultural Perspectives lesson series. It consists of two lessons, which are suitable for lower and upper primary grades and are particularly supportive for EAL students. The lessons can be taught in isolation or provide a cultural perspective when completing units on Asian countries e.g. Cambodia, fuel use in Asian countries, transport and the environmental footprint.


This resource is part of TRIO’s cultural perspectives pack. All resources (lesson plans, online links, photographs and worksheets) are included.


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