Programming made simple

Yep!  We at Trio believe that programming SHOULD be simple and that the focus of a teacher’s planning SHOULD be on what the teaching will look like in the classroom.  To that end we developed our programming proforma.  matchbox diary

It has really concerned us that teachers are spending hours looking for units online when the best starting point is to open the NSW English syllabus, AusVELS or whatever your state is using for the Australian Curriculum.  Trio has deliberately chosen NOT to write units.  We don’t know the kids, what the previous learning was, what the next learning needs to be.  We cannot write a program for a generic Year 4 because no such year 4 exists.

What we have done for our NSW colleagues is work with teachers to develop a simple proforma.  We use it, many teachers love it but we are always asked for an example unit.

But we don’t write units!

So here is AN EXAMPLE of the program proforma in use.  It is not a complete unit but rather a peek into how your program and daybook might look.

You will find it on our resources page – it’s free.  Look for Memory Unit