Point of View

DSCN2007I have been sitting reading the the NSW English syllabus, as you do, and I came across  outcome ENe-11D for Kindergarten. The outcome is, ‘a student responds to and composes simple texts about familiar aspects of the world and their own experiences.’ I was struck by the content, ‘begin to recognise points of view in text.’ I expect this in stage two and stage three but here it is in early stage one. It highlights the need to share complex, quality texts with Kindergarten, not just give them a staple diet of readers. In other words the challenge is to expose students to texts where there is a point of view to find. We are so lucky to have at our finger tips so much wonderful literature to share with students. I think I will read, An Ordinary Day by Libby Gleeson  or This is not my hat by Jon Klassen by tomorrow to Kindergarten and see where the discussion takes us.