Playing in Queensland

bee bot Have you heard of a Bee-bot?  I hadn’t… until Trio travelled North to Brisbane to present at the Pearson Inquisitive Minds Prep Conference.  Jenny and Mary-Ellen had a fantastic time chatting with Queensland Prep teachers over two days.

Many thanks to the wonderful teachers who shared so many great ideas and these little Bee-bots.  We spent a great deal of time talking about the power and NECESSITY of play for our youngest learners.  There is concern that the Australian Curriculum is taking time away from play, but on reflection many teachers saw how play can support the teaching of the AC.  Learning centres allow opportunity for QUALITY practice of developing reading and writing skills.  Oral language is central to learning and play provides endless opportunities to TALK.

When we refer to play we need to assure you that we are describing carefully considered play situations to build and extend language across the three modes.  We are NOT talking about ‘free time’ or ‘play with the toys while I do this’.  We are talking about teachers engaging with students to prompt, guide, facilitate, deepen the talk around identified learning intentions.  Check out the street on Trio’s facebook page.  So that is how we got to hear about bee-bots.  They seem to have taken QLD by storm (or swarm).  If you have never heard of them, do as I did and google. Now I know what they can do, where to buy them and how much they might cost.  And then ponder if my small grandson NEEDS one to see him through prep in his remote classroom!  Hmm.