Maths- the new creative art

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The title for this blog is not my creation but a ‘headline’ written by a teacher at a recent TRIO workshop to summarize what she had learnt during the workshop about the new NSW K-6 Maths syllabus. I have reflected on her headline since and I quite like it. I like the connections it makes to working mathematically and problem solving real problems not just word problems.

I also like the connection it references to learning across the curriculum as it is represented in the maths syllabus. In so many ways an appreciation of patterns underpins maths. When I open the maths syllabus and read about the learning across the syllabus area of sustainability I find, students “develop a deeper appreciation of the worlds around them through such aspects of maths as patterning, three-dimensional space, symmetry and tessellations.” (Page 38) In the paragraph examining Intercultural Understanding, students are encouraged to be,“examining patterns in art and design.” (Page 39)

Twenty first learners need to be creative problem solvers so maybe that headline is right!