Maths and picture books

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Trio spent today working with teachers looking at the NSW maths syllabus. What a great day! So much talk, problem solving and reflection. One thing we talked about was using picture books to make a real life connection in maths and generate student enjoyment. Here are the books we looked at. We would love to hear about any you use in your classroom.

Title Author  
Alexander who used to be rich last Sunday Judith Viorst Money
Anno’s magic seeds Mitsumasa Anno Addition
Anno’s mysterious Jar Mitsumasa and Masaichiro Anno Multiplication
A remainder of one Elinor J Pinczes Division / remainders
Bears in the night Stan and Jan Berenstain Positional Language
The best of times Greg Tang Multiplication
Centipede’s 100 shoes Tony Ross Addition Subtraction
Counting on Frank Rod Clement Problem solving
The doorbell rang Pat Hutchins Sharing/ Division
Divide and ride Stuart J Murphy Division
Domino addition Lynnette Long Addition
Double Delight Numbers Mary Novick Number
Fish eyes Lois Ehlert Addition
Five little monkeys jumping on the bed Eileen Christelow Subtraction
Five little bats flying in the night Steve Metzger Subtraction
Fraction action Loreen Leedy Fractions
Full house Dayle Anne Dodds Fractions
The great divide Dayle Anne Dodds Division
The grapes of math Greg Tang Addition
Guess what? Leon Bishop Estimation
How big is a million? Anna Milbourne et al Number
How much is a million? David M Schwartz Number
The hunt in the park Rachael Gosset Number treasure hunt
If you made a million David M Schwartz Money / interest
Let’s make a deal Carol Jones Money systems
Math curse Jon Scieszka Problem solving
Minnie’s diner Dayle Ann Dodds Multiplication
Mr Wolf’s Nursery Time Colin and Jacqui Hawkins Time
Numbers all around Susan Canizares 1-12
One hundred hungry ants Elinor J Pinczes Arrays
One is a snail ten is a crab April Pulley Sayre Addition
Pythagoras and the ratios Julie Ellis Ratios
The Rabbit problem Emily Gavett Fibonacci
Roll over Merle Peek Number
Rosie’s walk Pat Hutchins Positional language
Six feet long and three feet wide Jeannie Billington Measurement
Ten little fish Audrey Wood Subtraction
The Time book Martin Jenkins Time
Uno’s Garden Graeme Base Multiplication
The waterhole Graeme Base Addition, Subtraction
Wild Fibonacci Joy N Hulme Fibonacci numbers
You’ll soon grow into them Titch Pat Hutchins