Living in a visual world

We live in a very visual world and our students need to understand how multi media works. All media is constructed and contains belief and value messages which attempt to position viewers. Every viewer interprets messages differently. Each medium has its own meta-language, conventions and forms. This is reflected in the NSW English syllabus where teachers are asked to support students to become multi-literate as they explore multimodal texts in reading and learn to compose visual and multimodal texts. In a multil-literate classroom students learn that context, audience and purpose influence how a text is constructed, the selection of content and the appropriate mode of delivery ( digital – electonic, live, paper). Teachers teach critical literacy as part of English. Community and everyday texts have a place in English as do quality picture books and a range of digital resources. This can be challenging for teachers but there is plenty of help at hand. I have had a great time writing a course called ‘Composing multimodal texts in English K-6 – Visual literacy in practice.’ This course will be run twice in term four at Surry Hills and Blacktown. Click here to go to the CPL website to see the details.