making 1

In my K/Prep and Year 1 classes I always scheduled developmental play.  The most popular activity by far was ‘the making box’.  For years I collected foil trays, lids, cartons, net bags from oranges and apples, cardboard tubes and anything else that I could lay my hands on.  To this exciting collection of stuff you add copious quantities of adhesive tape, glue and paper strips in a range of sizes.  Introduce children and presto. Instant making.

This small person is tuning his machine.  He is using a toy drill appropriately by wearing his safety goggles.  Teachers at one of my schools were dismayed by the initial lack of response from their little guys, so they read a storybook about making  to the class.  Since then the creations have become bigger and better on a daily basis.

For some teacher motivation you might try viewing this youtube clip  Caine’s Arcade

If one adult’s interaction with one child can have this impact, imagine what we can achieve by introducing ‘MAKING’ into every K-2 classroom across the country!  Take care because you will need a hankie if you view numbers 2 and 3.