Hurray for holidays!


At last the 2016 school year draws to a close and teachers all across the state are contemplating a well earned rest and a happy holiday season. I  don’t know about you but I know that as I relax I also reflect on the past year. Maybe the holidays are a time to catch up on some of the professional reading you have been meaning to do? What about some ‘research’ in a bookshop. I would choose a bookshop with coffee options close by and spend a few pleasant minutes opening up the covers of some books you haven’t seen before. For the sake of our work TRIO are dedicated bookshop wanderers and it is amazing what you find. Finding some new books to use in the next school year as well as enjoying a coffee makes the trip worthwhile. I will also be chatting to all the children in my life over Christmas about what they are reading and enjoying. This keeps me up to date with what kids are enjoying at the current moment.

Let me share our newest find with you. You may already be familiar with the author Brendan Wenzel from the book, The Three Pigs. The book They all saw a cat is about point of view and how perspective shapes what we see. I can see endless possibilities for using this text with a range of different classes. If you have a bookshop moment why not share your finds with us.