Guided Reading using Visual Texts

Guided Reading using visual texts

Thanks to our friend Maryanne for this interesting idea of using street art or graffiti to teach visual literacy. We designed this lesson using the art in our local area. Each year Leichhardt Municipal Council runs an art competition and the finalists paint a traffic light signal box. The judges like artworks that connect with the local context. These pieces of public art are all over the Leichhardt area. This seemed like an interesting way to explore elements of visual literacy with stage two and three students. As teachers prepare for the introduction of the new English syllabus in 2013 one of the challenges is reading visual and multi-modal texts. The ‘reading’ of graffiti, public art and sculpture enables students to engage with local artists’ work. If this appeals to you, download the free lesson. (It can be taught using images from Flikka) If you are familiarising yourself with the new syllabus documents in 2013 this lesson may help you on that journey.signalbox3