Teaching grammar to improve writing


I admit to being interested in grammar! I know that lots of teachers struggle with teaching grammar and I think that we have to keep updated.  The glossary in the NSW English Syllabus and the Australian English Curriculum are a great place to start. We know the importance of feedback to improve student writing. With less able writers it is easy to find ways to improve their writing. However ,when the writing is good, teachers seem unsure how to offer feedback or help students set new writing goals. I suggest teachers think about the student’s use of language. Is there evidence of interesting noun groups, verb groups, phrases and a variety of appropriate punctuation? Sophisticated writing uses a range of sentence types, simple, compound and complex sentences which suit the writer’s purpose. As teachers become more confident in identifying these sentence types they can offer genuine feedback to capable writers. If you are unsure about how sentences work then check out our resource ‘How sentences work,’ by clicking here.