Goal Setting

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As the new school year starts teachers everywhere are gearing up to get the best out of their students. The catch cry is improved student learning and I have never met a teacher who didn’t want the best for the students in their class. As I  reflected on this idea I have been challenged by a sign up at my gym. (Yes, I can hear you laughing but the TRIO  team are all keen members of a gym!!!) The gym wants me to have a goal to motivate me into a more healthy lifestyle. The reasons the gym values goal setting are much the same as why we should be inspired to set appropriate learning goals with our students.

  1. Goals help you be who you want to be.
  2. Goals stretch your comfort zone.
  3.  Goals build confidence.
  4. Goals help turn the impossible into possible.
  5. Goals lead to feelings of satisfaction.

These are good reasons for any of us to set goals but especially good reasons to set realistic learning goals with our students to ensure they are successful life long learners.

(Adapted from What Do You Really Want? How to Set a Goal and Go for It! A Guide for Teens by Beverly K. Bachel,

copyright © 2001. )