Doljanchi- a Korean Celebration

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 8.10.34 pmEvery time I add a new TRIO resource to our cultural perspectives series I learn something! Until today I had never heard of the Korean celebration, Doljanchi, which is a first birthday celebration.  In many cultures birthdays are a time to celebrate. In Korean culture, the most important birthday to celebrate is the first birthday. As always these lesson plans come complete with the resources you need as you teach. The lesson plans are easy to follow and students respond positively to these lessons.

There are two lessons, which are suitable for all primary grades and are particularly supportive for EAL students. The lessons can be taught in isolation or provide a cultural perspective when completing units on celebrations, birthdays, Korean culture, ceremonies, predictions, traditional dress, and symbolism. If these lessons could be useful for you and your class please click Doljanchi to access them.