Cohesion and Paragraphs

Cohesive ties and paragraphs make student writing easy to read and understand
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52 students

Cohesive devices make text easy to read and understand. This course unpacks a variety of cohesive ties that students can use in their writing. It explores what makes a paragraph effective. Participants unpack a variety of ways to teach and reinforce student understanding about cohesion and paragraphs. This course uses the work of Beverley Derewianka in Australia and the research of Michael Halliday, an international and influential linguist. The references in the course course the Australian Curriculum and the NSW English syllabus K-6.

This course is the second in the series Teaching grammar effectively. All courses stand alone and can be completed separately.

Understanding sentences

Cohesion and paragraphs

Using grammar to improve writing.


The Target Audience

This course has been designed for primary teachers teaching students from kindergarten to year six.

Learning Objectives

  • Unpack a range of cohesive devices taught in primary school
  • Gather ideas for teaching students to write effective paragraphs


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