Conscious competence

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.34.30 amMy new phrase of the week is ‘conscious competence.’ TRIO had a great day yesterday at a CPL course organised by the NSW Teachers’ Federation. As always we shared the day with teachers who had travelled far to attend and share in the discussion about visual literacy. We all acknowledge that we live in a visual world and so unconsciously we ‘read and absorb’ visual messages all day but everyone present learnt how to be more ‘consciously competent’ in unpacking how visuals are composed. We unpacked the language of the syllabus and some visual literacy terminology. There was a sense of excitement by the end of the day as teachers prepared to leave with lots of ideas to use in their classrooms. To support teachers unpacking what the NSW English syllabus has to say about visual literacy, TRIO has produced a set of ten posters and a list of the texts we use to introduce visual literacy vocabulary. If you are interested in looking at these resources click on the titles to go to the resource section of the TRIO website.