Books on the Bookshelf No.1

Books on the Bookshelf

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Although it is still school holidays our thoughts are starting to turn to the start of school. When we plan the starting point is always the texts. We want to start 2017 sharing some new books from our bookshelf.

Recently we had the pleasure of meeting the author Simon Longstaff at the Ethics Centre in Sydney. Simon wrote this book to encourage students to think about big ideas and ethical issues. His book The Spider’s Song is a text suitable for primary students. Children who enjoy Geronimo Stilton books will recognize a similar layout, coloured text and different fonts. For us there are echoes of Lewis Carroll and Roald Dahl. The text is full of rhyme and strange and wonderful creatures created by the Boffin. The messages in the book and there are many, are important and very current for today’s children. Preserving and valuing the natural environment, human values and the hope that we can make things right if things go wrong are the author’s main messages. In the world today it is important as teachers that we give students hope and encourage understanding of others. Next time you are in your favourite bookshop find a copy and have a look.