Book Recommendations




The new NSW English syllabus requires students to reflect on their learning. This  reminded  me of  how successful book recommendations were with my Kindergarten class. This would also work well with other grades. I modelled how to complete the chart after reading the book “Where is the Green Sheep?” They had to write their name and the title of the book. Then they had to write a sentence about why they liked the book. I put the chart in the reading corner so students could read it when they went to pick a book for independent reading. Students volunteered to write their recommendations and then would read it to the class. Explaining why they liked the book could be challenging but as the year progressed their oral and written responses became more detailed. A variation on this is to give students sentence strips and ask them to write their recommendation on the strip and paste it onto a chart. This reduces the errors written onto the chart because the teacher can conference the writing before it is posted.