Book Recommendations 3

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 6.07.06 PMMy new favouite book is called This is not my Hat by Jon Klassesn. I have been reading it to adults and children of all ages and everyone enjoys it. I love a beautifully crafted picture book that works on a number of levels and for a variety of ages. This is not my Hat reminds me of Rosie’s Walk where there are two stories being told. One story through the illustrations and one through  the words.  The ending is inferred through the illustrations but not directly written in words. There is lots of scope to discuss stealing and ‘telling tales’ but for me the real value is in the beautiful illustrations that shape the story. The fish swims towards the page turn, moving you swiftly to see what happens next. Characterisation is developed through the drawing of the eye of the big fish and the single arm movement of the crab. So much opportunity for talk as you share this book!