Book Recommendations 2

jolly postman 2I love the book recommendations that Sandra had posted in her Kindergarten classroom.  I received another book recommendation last night from a different perspective in another form.  An email from my  grandson in Prep/Kindergarten in a remote location in Queensland.   His book is greatly loved around the world so I am sharing his recommendation.

Hi Unma,
Mummy is writing this but I am telling her what to write.  The Jolly Postman is a really good book. It is a funny because it has mail to fairytale people.
I like the Wicked Witches mail…she gets an ad which sells Little Boy Pie Mix….the little boys would be scared but it is only pretend. I would like some Frog Powder and Sky High Goggles.
On the front cover mum says the authors are Janet and Allan Ahlberg. You should get this book Unma. Got to go schools finished…..bye.    From Ewan
Postman Game 022
And in case you don’t believe it was really him – here is a photo of the new favourite game of the week.
The Jolly Postman dropping in for a spot of tea.