Assessment quadrant

Lots of teachers haveassessment quadrant benchmark data on all their students.  But lots of this data is kept in the bottom drawer.  This simple quadrant has provided TRIO with a framework for hours of productive conversations with teachers.  All you do is map the students into each of the quadrants – at or above grade with and without progress and below grade with and without progress.  The conversation then focusses on what teaching needs to occur for each of these different groups.  It also leads to identifying which students may need to be referred to the learning support team if that has not already occurred.

Frequently our discussions can be limited to ‘what do I do for my weakest students?’  We don’t always recognise the need for celebration – look at all the students at or above grade who are making good progress. Yippee! And look at the students who are below grade BUT are making solid progress.  They need to be celebrated too!

Now let’s look at the students at or above grade who have NOT made progress.  What does our teaching need to look like for them?  How can those students be re-motivated and engaged in learning?  Then finally look at the group in the bottom left hand corner.  Usually we know all about this little group of struggling learners. It is reassuring when there are no unexpected names in there.

Teachers are very reflective practitioners.  This quadrant supports you be more focussed and recognise what is going right and what needs to be re-examined.  Good luck and have a great chat about each of your students.

The assessment quadrant can be found in our resources section.  It’s FREE.