All the small details


cityzooTRIO had the very great pleasure of meeting and listening to author/illustrator Tohby Riddle.  If you thought that his book The Great Escape from City Zoo looks a little like an old black and white movie, you’d be correct!  Tohby talked about the range of ideas and images that he has referenced in The Great Escape from City Zoo.

He was speaking at a Literacy Leaders Conference in Melbourne.  He spoke about his diverse range of books and TRIO was delighted when he talked with great passion about ‘all the small details’ that go into the creation of his books.  We had to share with him that he was preaching the essence of the Australian Curriculum – it is all about the choices made by authors and illustrators as they polish a text for a specific audience and purpose.

Tohby is working on visual book of grammar!  It is not due out till early 2015 but I have it on my ‘must buy’ list.