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Our services are tailored to address your school targets and goals.  We design packages that address each school’s individual needs and plan with you to support whole school improvement.  We have worked across Australian and US educational systems and have proven expertise in promoting excellence and growth in teacher practice.

Our goal is to embed quality pedagogy into daily literacy and numeracy sessions.  We work collaboratively with teams to generate high quality professional dialogue focussed on student learning.  We examine school data sets to engage teachers in data driven instruction and whole school improvement.

Our expert consultants mentor school executive, early career and experienced teachers recognising the strengths and talents of all teachers with whom we work.  We deliver a variety of professional learning experiences including:

  • whole school workshops
  • grade/ stage planning
  • mentoring of teachers

Our strengths are our breadth of experience across years and systems and our versatility in creating tailor made professional learning. We are available for school development days, staff meetings and ongoing in-school consultancy.

We invite you to enter into a dialogue with us about how we can work together to address your school’s individual educational needs.

info@trioprofessionallearning.com.au or click the Contact Us button below.

The resources are written by these consultants and the teacher professional learning is provided by these three presenters.​

Mary-Ellen Betts has taught in the state school system as a teacher, casual relief, teacher librarian and school leader.  She has developed expertise in literacy education and co-authored a teacher resource book. From 2000 – 2006 Mary-Ellen worked as a literacy consultant in Australia and New York City.  The focus of this work was to support schools in improving educational outcomes for all students.  She worked with teachers and principals at school and district level to improve pedagogy in literacy and to analyse data to drive instruction.       Mary-Ellen rounded out her career with the NSW DoE as a teacher mentor and deputy principal. She is currently working as independent Educational Consultant for schools in NSW.

​Jenny Williams has extensive teaching experience including secondary English and primary K-6. In addition she has worked as a support teacher learning difficulties. Her enthusiasm for early literacy and working with students whose literacy is at risk led her to train as a Reading Recovery teacher and subsequently work as a Reading Recovery tutor. As an educational consultant she has worked in Western Sydney and New York supporting teachers as they developed their literacy practice, quality teaching pedagogy and mathematics instruction. She has supported whole school improvement in a number of schools in Australia and overseas, working with school executive teams and school staff to invigorate teaching practice leading to whole school change.

Sandra Rowan is an experienced K-6 classroom teacher and school leader. She has been a literacy consultant in western Sydney and a teacher mentor working with beginning teachers to develop best practice. She spent four years working in New York schools as a maths and literacy consultant. In New York she supported schools as they prepared for school reviews. She has worked as a deputy principal in Sydney. Sandra has published eight teacher resource books that provide explicit units of work across the key learning areas. She is currently working as independent Educational Consultant for schools in NSW providing teacher professional learning at schools as well as presenting at conferences on literacy and maths.