A magical school canteen


This is the mural around the canteen at Leichhardt P.S. It was designed and painted by an extremely talented parent Selina McGrath.

She has integrated well known book characters with a food theme. The shed appears to be so real that when I came back from the school holidays I thought they had put recycled wood over the metal cage that holds the gardening equipment.

The process of this mural from background, outline and painting was followed with interest by the students. Every lunch and recess students would sit in front of the mural and watch Selina paint. It was an interactive work with students asking questions and making suggestions. One child asked why Alice wasn’t in the picture and Selina took up the suggestion and hid Alice in the mural for the students to find. Watching the process of completing this mural was an educational experience our students are very lucky to have witnessed.

The most amazing thing was that Selina volunteered her time and resources. I wish to thank her on behalf of myself and the students of Leichhardt P.S.