2020 – New year, new website!

2020 seemed a great moment to update the TRIO website! We have revisited all our resources and updated as necessary BUT we have also added lots more resources that we are sure teachers will find useful.

Check out our book notes which provide detailed teaching ideas about a particular book that can be used in English. We have provided a range of teaching ideas for responding and composing as well as options for building on the learning through an expanded text set. Poetry picks are in the same category as book notes but provide teaching ideas for a poem or couple of poems.

Art lessons are also a new innovation. Sandra Rowan, one of TRIO, is an art teacher with several books to her name around the teaching of art to primary students. So we are including some art lessons designed for students K-2 and 3-6 with easy to follow instructions and links to the Australian Curriculum, Visual Arts.

AND this is just the beginning… there is more to come so keep an eye out for some exciting new ideas. Please let us know how you like the website!