Welcome to Trio Professional Learning.

Our services are tailored to address your school targets and goals.  We design packages that address each school’s individual needs and plan with you to support whole school improvement.  We have worked across Australian and US educational systems and have proven expertise in promoting excellence and growth in teacher practice.

Our goal is to embed quality pedagogy into daily literacy and numeracy sessions.  We work collaboratively with teams to generate high quality professional dialogue focussed on student learning.  We examine school data sets to engage teachers in data driven instruction and whole school improvement.

Our expert consultants mentor school executive, early career and experienced teachers recognising the strengths and talents of all teachers with whom we work.  We deliver a variety of professional learning experiences including:

  • whole school workshops
  • seminars to leading reflective team discussions
  • grade planning
  • mentoring of teachers.

Our strengths are our breadth of experience across years and systems and our versatility in creating tailor made professional learning.  We are available for school development days, staff meetings and ongoing in-school consultancy.

We invite you to enter into a dialogue with us about how we can work together to address your school’s individual  educational needs.

info@trioprofessionallearning.com.au or Contact Us page.